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Jade's Journal of the Insanely Creative

Or the Creatively Insane

24 March 1986
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Hi, I am a 24 year old female from Australia. My best friend in real life is mysteriousgirl4 (she's a brilliant writer and great friend). I'd like to think that I am the sort of person who is not what they appear. I am a Tv/Dvd/iPod/Internet addict (as you can see by my interests). I absolutely HATE sports. I have been interested in slash for over 7 years and my fav pairings currently include: Harry/Draco, Mckay/Sheppard, Picard/Q, Kirk/Spock, Chakotay/Paris, Daniel/Jackson, Clark/Lex, JD/Cox, Jared/Jensen, Merlin/Arthur, Scott/Logan (Good god I need a life). I'm an Atheist (which is good cause of all the slash reading but somehow I still feel as if I'm going to special hell). One of these days I hope that I get the courage and determination to actually write (and actually finish) more slash of my own. I have a problem with being both indecisive and impulsive at the same time. I think my main goal in life is to make an impact.
3 doors down, 30 seconds to mars, acceptance, all american rejects, aly and aj, arrested development, avril lavigne, barenaked ladies, ben's brother, beyonce, biking, brokeback mountain, c.s.i., carbon leaf, chakotay/paris, clark/lex, coldplay, damien rice, daniel/jackson, darcy/wickham, darren hayes, dashboard confessional, daughty, dead zone, death cab for cutie, destiny's child, dixie chicks, due south, evanescence, fall out boy, fan fiction, fantastic 4, florence + the machine, flyleaf, foo fighters, fraser/rayk, gamecube, harry potter, harry/draco, high school musical, hilary duff, hoobastank, house m.d., house/wilson, imogen heap, invader zim, j2, james morrison, jane austen, jared/jensen, jason mraz, jay brannan, jd/cox, jimmy eat world, john mayer, johnny/walt, kelly clarkson, kings of leon, kirk/spock, lady antebellum, lifehouse, maroon 5, mckay/sheppard, merlin, merlin/arthur, missy higgins, mst3k, mumford & sons, muse, national treasure, ncis, neon genesis evangelion, newton faulkner, onerepublic, owl city, paramore, photography, picard/q, placebo, poetry, poets of the fall, pride & prejudice, ps2, psych, r.e.m., rascal flatts, reading, red dwarf, rob thomas, sarah mclachlan, savage garden, scott/logan, scrubs, sg1, sga, shawn/lassiter, sherlock holmes, silverchair, sketching, sky high, slash, smallville, snow patrol, song writing, star trek, star trek reboot, superman, taylor swift, the closer, the dead zone, the fray, the killers, the script, three days grace, time-travel, tng, tos, trading yesterday, u2, veronica mars, voy, xmen, yellowcard