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Shadow Star Wings

Song: You've Tricked Me and Teased Me

This is a Picard/Q song that I have been meaning to finish for awhile (like a whole year while). I think I can finally put this to rest. This is obviously from Picard's POV - I am also trying to finish one from Q's POV.

You've Tricked Me and Teased Me

It might be right in front of your face
But it's invisible
It doesn't even faze you
Because you are incapable
Of seeing the mistakes that you are making
Of feeling the emotions that you are now faking.

'Cause you have to be the centre of the damn universe
And you don't know that you're making everything worse
With your 'all knowing' smile and your arrogant grin
Your stubborn mind and your need to always win.

Oh you couldn't win my love
With just a snap of your fingers
But when push comes to shove
I have to confess - your memory lingers.

And in a flash I can't breathe
You take my heart with you
Oh and just like that
I know I'm in love with you.

Oh how did this happen?
I thought I was safe
I put up these walls
And I pushed you away.

But you kept returning
You somehow broke through
And now I feel this yearning
And I don't know what to do.

You've tricked me and teased me
Changed the world just to please me
And no matter how cold I can be
I can never get free of you.

But do I really want to?