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Purple Moth Wings

Waiting - recorded

For rosettastone_d

Ok, sorry about the wait but I just FINALLY got 5 minutes by myself to record "waiting". So, admittedly it's not the best that I could have done and it's only acapella. But at least it'll give you an idea of how I hear it in my head (although I did change the verses around a bit - will change the song entry to accommadate).



I love it! The beginning is very haunting. And the chorus is absolutely fantastic! Very catchy. I'll be singing it all day ;D

(Incidentally, you have a great voice. :D)
(You're probably lying about my voice) But THANKS so much!!! I prefer to be judged on my lyrics but it's kinda hard to do that if you have no idea how it will sound when sung (especially if it flows smoothly).

And please feel free to sing it yourself if you want (you obviously have more musical talent and a better voice than I do).
It is a little hard to understand the words. Maybe a bit more air when singing?

Pretty though. Sounds a little like Evenessance(sp?)
Like Evanescence?! Cool! I wasn't intending that when I wrote it but THANKYOU!!!

And I'm not really a singer but you can't just write a song without having some idea of how you want it to sound. I know the recording isn't perfect, I'm really self-conscious about singing when my family is around and when I had a chance I just grabbed it, rushed through a couple of recordings and just uploaded the one that sounded the best. But thanks heaps for commenting - the feedback is highly appreciated :)