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Fic: Opening the door - chuck/bryce

Title: Opening the Door
Author: jadecastle6
Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: Chuck/Bryce
Rating: T
Summary: A short drabble of a moment between Chuck & Bryce before Bryce became a spy.
Beta: mysteriousgirl4. Who is not only super smart, a music playlist making God, a fellow Trekkie and a brilliant writer – she is also a great friend who I can’t thank enough.


Anyone passing their dorm room at Stanford would not be at all surprised at the familiar sounds of gunfire, explosions and yelling coming from their room.

 “You’re going down now Chuck. One more blast and your ass is mine!”

 “Are you sure you can handle what the Chuckster can dish out, Bryce? I’ve still got some secrets left up my sleeve.”

 They had been dueling on the Playstation for the last hour in what could only be described as a little more than friendly competition.

 “Bryce you’re going to be late for your interview with the Professor – thought you said that he made it out to be some kind of a big deal. Why don’t you just forfeit now? You know you’re going to lose anyway.”

 “You just don’t want to admit defeat Chuck. You know you can’t beat my mad fighting skills.”

 “There is something to be said for modesty Bryce.”

 Chuck’s side of the TV screen exploded.

 “Hey man! No fair! You know that move’s cheating.”

 “I told you I’d win. That was too easy. I think I need some compensation. So where’s my prize?”

 Chuck just glared at him and Bryce somehow managed to look both smug and innocent.

 “Maybe I should just take what’s owed to me?”

 Suddenly Bryce launched himself at Chuck, rolling them both until he was on top and holding Chuck down with his warm weight he began tickling Chuck all over.

 Chuck’s laughter could probably be heard on the campus.

 “Bryce man I give up! I can’t breathe. Uncle. Uncle!”

 But Bryce took mercy on him and stopped the torture but continued to hold Chuck’s hands in a tight grip, preventing his escape. He stared down into Chuck’s eyes, breathing hard, smiling evilly.

 “You know your ass will always be mine Chuck.”

Bryce closed the gap between them and joined their lips together. They kissed softly, Bryce’s tongue grazing Chuck’s lips and their heated breath mingled.  

 Abruptly Chuck used his own weight to reverse their position and capture Bryce’s hands.

 “You know we don’t have time for this Bryce. You should be on your way for your interview. “

 “Come on Chuck! You know how much beating you makes me hot. Why don’t I just skip the interview and we can continue this in bed?”

 Bryce arched his back and slowly thrust himself against the growing bulge in Chuck’s pants.

 Chuck closed his eyes at the movement and let out a low moan.

 “You realize you’re killing me here?”

 Bryce grinned.

 “I thought I’d already done that.”

 “I have a good feeling about it Bryce. You never know what could come of it. I don’t want to mess with your future. How bout I promise to finish this later?”

 Bryce groaned.

“Damn you Chuck. You’re too righteous for your own good.”

He arched up again and lightly pressed his lips to Chuck’s in a sweet lingering kiss.

“Don’t forget that you owe me big for this.”

Chuck laughed at that.

“Believe me, I won’t.”

With a few lingering caresses they untangled themselves regrettably and Bryce walked over to the door, resting his hand on the door knob. He shot a quick glance back at Chuck, who was still lying on the floor, eyes shining and madly grinning back up at him and smiling like a fool Bryce opened the door.

Once it had shut Chuck whispered to the closed door.

“I love you Bryce”


The End.



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so amazing!!! this is exactly the kind of stuff i am looking for :)thanks for this